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    • GTV Resort Bandhavgarh provides you to be ready to enjoy in one of the finest and fully contained wildlife resort in India. Bandhavgarh is a paradise on Earth that nurtures nature in its womb, and what better, it is the home of the Royal Bengal Tigers, in the Land of Tigers. Enjoy the warmth of our hospitality on wildlife safari in the Central India Preserve. 
    • We offer your stay in luxury cottages that reflect Imperial taste and Royal splendor. Spend your holidays in comfort with luxurious facilities. The vast spread of our green lodge is your GHAR with a garden at Bandhavgarh. The surroundings, home to wild animals, birds, reptiles and Tigers.

    • When you step into luxurious GTV Resort Bandhavgarh the World is real! You are stepping into jungle camp in Bandhavgarh that is waiting for you. 
    • GTV Resort Bandhavgarh is an eco friendly resort is situated right next to the park, in the confines of the dense forest canopy. We offer the best in lodging and gastronomical delights - Indian & Continental Food. The lodge promises luxury, comfort, classic ambiance and modern amenities. What more! Your stay reassures that you are in a Wildlife Heaven and also Homely Treatment with warmth hospitality
    • The lodge befits its salubrious surroundings – tropical green wilderness, cheerful and full of life. Find accommodation at Bandhavgarh National Park that’s your dream - to be a one with nature. The amazing biodiversity of the park - wild cats, deer, birds and butterflies resides besides us - the resort compliments the surroundings.


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